Professor Roos is internationally recognised for her scholarship on the history of the Royal Society, the development of scientific illustration, and the evolution of the early science museum and its ‘publics’. Roos also consults for professional taxonomists, her scientific and historical work featured in Nature News, Wellcome History, National Geographic, the Guardian and the New York Times. Author of 8 books and editions, and over 30 articles, Roos’s work analyses the development of early scientific method and fieldwork, challenging current assumptions about the arts-science divide. As editor-in-chief of Notes and Records: the Royal Society Journal of the History of Science and co-creator of the Lisa Jardine Grant Scheme in the Royal Society, her role is to connect the work of Fellows of the Royal Society, historians of science, and more largely, to promote interdisciplinary work in science studies.  She is a Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries of London and of the Linnean Society of London.  Roos has also been awarded visiting fellowships at All Souls, Oxford, The Huntington, John Rylands Library, The Worth Library and the Beinecke Library.